Welcome, Traveler!

I am a first year graduate student at Dartmouth College studying astrophysics. Previously I was a student at High Point University where, in May 2019, I received a bachelors of science in computational physics. My research while at High Point focused on pulsating hot subdwarf B stars (sdBs) or more specifically finding new pulsating sdBs from archival GALEX data and then getting fed up with that and training neural networks to find pulsating sdBs. Aside from these sdB escapades, I also worked on projects extracting radial velocity measurements from high resolution echelle spectra. 

As much I enjoy astrophysics, I do also enjoy taking breaks from work. In my free time I have been known to work/volunteer at Encore Stage & Studio, where I enjoy carpentry and general theater tech work. Additionally I am of the Star Trek inclinations, spending what some might say is far too much time enthralled in the exploits of the Enterprise crew.


  1. Searching for pulsating sdBs with GALEX and gPhoton - Published August 2017

  2. Using Deep Learning to classify and understand data from large sky surveys such as Evreyscope - Accepted for publication November 2017

  3. Follow up interesting K2 targets with spectroscopy looking for extreme binaries

  4. Three new long period sdBs, attempting to better constrain formation models - presented at 227 AAS

  5. EREBOS collected data on HW Vir candidate stars

Fun Stuff

  • Albrook - A Self Hosted Audiobook Streaming Service

  • I have tried my hand at writing some science fiction short stories

  • HueCastAutoLights — A “Stage Manager” for your Hue Lights

  • mplEasyAnimate — Easy Matplotlib animations for all your animation needs (unless your animations needs are not animated matplotlib graphs, then you should probably look somewhere else)

  • ZSH_conda — Utilities to better interface anaconda and the Z shell (oh-my-zsh specifically)


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