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John Noris, associate professor of applied computer science and reckoned by of some students and esteemed colleagues to hold a chaired professorship of applied culinary science, sits in front of the terminal, passing the time with finger games on his phone. Dressed in an elegantly out of fashion suit, he waits for the arrival of a colleague of his.

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Efra was born on Unatu, a comparatively young world; consequently, the intellectual offerings of its burgeoning institutions could not hope to satiate her curiosity. She therefore left that planet on flight "For the Betterment of the Bees : Una-Ino", flung off the surface in a wave of distorted space and compressed time. When her ship was latter entangled in the catch well of Inolian…

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The number of ways I saw which could lead to the end a civilization were staggering. Tools existed to allow one to destroy themselves. Solar system were populated with a multitude of hazards that could spell their demise. The stars which facilitated life on their satellites inevitably died. All these fates could be avoided however.

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